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Steinbeck uses different methods in this passage to create Candy in order to create a certain impact upon the readers and convey different messades. One of the predominant methods used in the passage is language techniques. Candy repeats "I seen her give Slim the eye" twice to George. Steinbeck deliberately used repition in order to indicate to the readers that Candy is someone who likes to gossip as it is his only form on entertainment. I also think Steinbeck chose for Candy to repeat those particular words because perhaps Candy wanted to get a certain reaction out of George and I also think Candy wanted to emphasize his dislike for Curley's wife. Moreover, I think Candy may have repeated his words to perhaps show how happy and excited he is to share his gossip as he has no one else to talk to. This could also imply that Candy's opinions are usually ignores by other ranch men, clearly showing the readers he has a low status on the ranch and is often lonely. Furthermore, another language device Steinbeck uses in the passage to present Candy is adjectives. There are a variety of them used such as "reassures" and "safe" in order to describe Candy's feelings. The fact that Candy feels "safe" around George implies that he is perhaps hesitant to talk to other ranch men as they usually disrespect him and don't listen to his opinions. This could also suggest that he is a perceptive person when it comes to meeting new people, therefore he immediately feels "reassure" when he's around George because he knows he is a good person. Als, Steinbeck describes Candy speaking "more confidently" to George which insinuates that he is usually quite shy and closed off from the other ranch men as they don't value his opinions due to his age. This indicates to the readers that Candy has probably felt degraded in the past due to experiences with other men. I think Steinbeck perhaps

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