U.S. World Wat One Uniforms and the Things They Carried Essay

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U.S. World War One Uniforms & the Things They Carried The United States Army was one of the first militaries to make standard uniforms in various colors, for unit groups and certain levels. Camouflage colors that blend into the background became very important for the use of a battlefield tactic. Khaki was one of the most famous camouflage colors as well as an olive color. Cotton and wool became the standard material used to make most uniforms. There was a board of military formed in 1902, called General Order 81, this was to review army uniforms. The result of the review came into conclusion that, “Blue was eliminated for the dress uniform, replacement with khaki cotton or olive drab wool. Leather, where employed, was changed from black to russet. New insignia was introduced. Sleeve chevrons were smaller. Gilt was used for dress buttons, and bronze for the field displaying the eagle.” (History-of-American-wars) These were some of the changes made to the uniforms to create a standard from. The color of the trim on the uniforms were different colors based on the branch of service a soldier was in such as: “Artillery = scarlet Cavalry machine gun = yellow and scarlet Infantry = light blue Air Service = green and black Engineers = scarlet and white Tank service = gray Tank service = gray Infantry machine gun = light blue & scarlet Cavalry = yellow General Officers = gold” (History-of-American-wars) The U.S. Army military became fascinated by the design of the British tunic, much of the clothing for the American soldiers was manufactured in England. The tunic’s and overcoats were the same for all ranks they had high collars pockets and shoulder straps. In 1908 there was a blue denim work uniform and wool coat provided

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