U.S Regulation Essay

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Standpoint: (More regulation is necessary) Describe the US financial industry and regulations. (what are financial industries. Why set regulations.) The U.S domestic financial industry is robust, and its performance has a deep connection with economies. The financial industry has a broad range and they comprise different services. This includes banks, insurance companies, investment companies and real estate. In order to achieve a better capacity to profitability and oversee the accomplishment of the standards in the industry, the U.S government has set up various regulations. Moreover, in order to easy implement regulatory services, the government should have agencies to regulate the securities industry, as well as one of the members of the financial industry. Government agencies have two responsibilities, first are for implementing and second are for regulating policies. Regulations can ensure that the economic markets run effectively. They also can help to protect consumers through safety regulations, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission. There are a variety of regulations present in the financial industry. The set regulations not only ensure that the industry is safe from fraudsters, but it also ensures that the market confidence is retained. Regulations could have negative results, but it is still necessary. Market needs to use this tool to achieve social, political, environmental and economic outcomes. Regulations are external regulatory force which helps to have proper and effective markets. To ensure a smooth, fair and honest operation within the market is the aim of regulation. Examples of why should have more regulations. Securities Act (what is securities act. Why set. How it work ) As everyone knows, some of the regulations are specific to the financial service provider. For example, the Wall Street is one of the most vibrant financial

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