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The United States Army Chain of command is important. It allows soldiers to address issues accordingly, depending on their matter of importance. Certain members of the chain of command, such as SGM’s, 1SG’s, and such, have higher levels responsibility, and a higher number of soldiers to look after than a platoon sergeant, or sqaud leader are responsible for. The purpose chain of command is so that menial issues can be resolved by team leaders, squad leaders, platoon sergeants, and so forth, depending on their level of importance. This is done so that time is not taken away from the senior leadership of a battalion, or brigade, so they can do their jobs. However, the basic building block of all Army organizations is the individual soldier. A small group of soldiers organized to maneuver and fire is called a squad. As elements of the Army's organizational structure become larger units, they contain more and more subordinate elements from combat arms, combat support and combat service support units. A company is typically the smallest Army element to be given a designation and affiliation with higher headquarters at battalion and brigade level. This alphanumeric and branch designation causes an "element" to become a "unit." Squad- 9 to 10 soldiers. Typically commanded by a sergeant or staff sergeant, a squad or section is the smallest element in the Army structure, and its size is dependent on its function. Platoon- 16 to 44 soldiers. A platoon is led by a lieutenant with an NCO as second in command, and consists of two to four squads or sections. Company - 62 to 190 soldiers. Three to five platoons form a company, which is commanded by a captain with a first sergeant as the commander's principle NCO assistant. An artillery unit of equivalent size is called a battery, and a comparable armored or air cavalry unit is called a troop.

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