U S 101 Apppendix D Essay

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d Associate Level Material Appendix D Goal Evaluation Matrix Choose five of the scenarios in Appendix C and evaluate the goals according to the SMART criteria. Provide support for your evaluation. | |S |M |A |R |T | |Goal setter and goal |Is the goal specific? |Is the goal measurable? |Is the goal attainable? |Is the goal realistic? |Is the goal timely? | |James wants to pursue his dream |Yes |Yes |Yes |No |Yes | |since high school of playing for | | | | | | |the San Diego Chargers football |He wants to play middle |He will be able to fulfill my |I think it will be attainable |My age and size could be |2 years from this August, when | |team. |linebacker for the San Diego |lifelong dream of being paid to|but at the same time it would |factors. Lack of experience is |training camp starts | | |Chargers |play a game |be great if he had a back up |another obstacle. Geographic | | | | | |plan |location is also a problem. | | | | | |

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