Tyranny is Tyranny Essay

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In 1776, a few people in the colonies found that creating a nation, a symbol, a legal unity, would give them the power over land, profits, and political power. As these ideas spread, it would soon lead to the American Revolution. By 1760, there had been 18 uprising attempts to overthrow the government, 6 black rebellions, and 40 other various riots. Around this time, there was a lot of local leadership amongst the colonists with intentions of direction rebellious energy towards England. The British had dominated the French and Indian War and with them out of the way, England could turn its attention to its control over the colonies. They needed money from the debts the war brought, and they looked to the colonies for it. This meant the colonists were not in need of England, but vice versa. There was a growing problem of poverty in New York, Philadelphia, and Boston. The top 5% of the taxpayers owned 49% of the taxable assets, meaning there were few rich and many poor. In the town meetings, the poor always out numbered the wealthy merchants and substantial traders and out voted them. England entitled the Stamp Act, which allowed them to tax the colonists. The people revolted in harsh ways. They went to the houses of the tax collectors and burned them down, and then the people destroyed the rest of his property. Due to this the rich set up armed patrols around their towns and cities. The demonstrations still continued. A dinner was given to specific leaders of the demonstrations to win them over, and the Stamp Act was revoked. England tried at a second attempt to tax the colonies. They quartered troops this time to keep order. 2000 were sent to Boston, and this caused and upset with the colonists. On March 5, 1770, the Boston Massacre occurred. 6 British soldiers shot and killed several colonists. Many wanted them to be immediately punished, but they were given a

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