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Attitude, Legislation and Litigation Typing Template for APA Papers: A Sample of Proper APA Fifth Edition Formatting Julie Beitzel Grand Canyon University: Educating the Exceptional Student August 26, 2011 Over the past several decades the thinking of students with disabilities has changed a great deal. In fact the attitude toward people with disabilities haw changed. They have went from being banned from marring, being sterilized, being kept in intuitions away from their families and society to being fully included in main stream society. Students with disabilities have in the past been treated as if they are not capable of doing any kind of learning just because they do not fall within “normal” description of a student. “People with disabilities have historically been viewed as a burden to families and society” (Drew, Clifford J., Egan, M. Winston & Hardman, Michael L. (2011). They have been separated from the main stream society within schools. They have been banned from regular classrooms and regular schools. They have not been allowed to socialize with their peers because of their disabilities, but this has all came full circle bringing students with disabilities together with other students with acceptance. This change is now providing students with disabilities education. Not just…show more content…
I first did not know what should be said, then could not help but question what the disability was. I think questions are great they help with understanding but they sometimes do get in the way. I tend to ask a lot of questions in new situations just to become comfortable with it. I know this can be hard to deal with and at times it must seem like I am nosey are intrusive. Not everyone deals with questions in the same way. I have at times under estimated the individual which now when I think about it I was so very rude and
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