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The Typewriter Essay

  • Submitted by: klutzygirl
  • on November 11, 2008
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The Typewriter

Throughout the years 1865 and 1900 many things took place that impacted our society. It was the time for inventions and discovery. Dating back all the way to the stone age, when the wheel was invention humans have been inventing things with whatever material they could get their hands on. As we, as humans evolved so did our inventions. During 1865 and 1900 many inventions were created that helped to form our nation and that helped to change our lives. The inventions from back then helped to set goals for future generations who had more materials and more knowledge.
One certain invention that helped to shape the lives of the people living during this time period was the invention of the typewriter. It all started back on February 14th 1819. Okay, maybe not that far back. On February 14th 1819 Christopher Latham Sholes was born in a small town in Pennsylvania. Parents always say when they have kids, “my kids going to grow up to be somebody important” well now, that was the case.
As he grew up, he moved to Milwaukee Wisconsin. For most, Milwaukee may just be the city of festivals, but for and history nerds, it’s better known as the home to the first typewriter. In Milwaukee, Christopher was a successful newspaper man, printer and local politician. Usually in his spare time he would head down to his machine shops where he and his colleagues would spend hours upon hours.   In the hours they spent in the shops they tried to design many of things. There was never a time when they weren’t working on something.
A year or so before he had started work on the typewriter he and a friend of his, Sam Soule dedicated all their time to a machine that was like no other. This machine would be the first of its kind and also be very heavy. The machine that they had been spending all their time on would be a machine that would number pages. A friend of theirs, Carlos Glidden was working on a machine of his own at the time when he mentioned to the two that...

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