Types of Writting Essay

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I’ve always thought of my writing process to be a building process, I work on it layer by layer. I write free flowing content, than I work my way back, rewriting and reorganizing and building on parts that need more development. It works for me. I like having something solid to work with before tackling any editing and organization. When I started school, writing really made me pay close attention to what I was doing. (I needed ideas for topics after all) I was amazed at how many things I did without really understanding why. It wasn’t until I started looking that I saw how my process worked and why I like free writing. I spent years trying to figure out my writing process, and I probably tried just about everything out there. What finally worked for me was freewriting. Freewriting is a means of teaching students that personal and emotional aspects of the "self" are welcome and are often seen in all types of writing, including academics. The point of this kind of writing is flow, not correctness. You don't re-read what you've written until after you've finished; the purpose is to get your ideas spilling out of you. When you worry about if they're written down "right" then you are not letting them flow. After I finish freewriting, I then go back to read what I wrote. Afterwards I then check for correctness and organization. Reference Gerson, Steven M. Writing that Works: A Teacher's Guide to Technical Writing. Topeka, KS: Kansas Curriculum Center, n.d.

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