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Types of Therapy Abstract Psychological therapy, and mental health care in general, have suffered a long history of questioning and debate with reasonable concerns about the efficiency and efficacy of psychotherapy. Despite these concerns psychotherapy continues to exist and thrive, its practice and authoritative claims going far beyond what has been explained. Therapy has become a method of counseling that has been proven, many times, to bring forth positive results. The ultimate goal of therapy is to help those who are seeking help. We are challenged to help them using the best psychological approaches but should also use Christian principles as our foundation to effectively help them. By integrating psychology and spirituality help for a counselee is both clever and doable. A counselor can combine psychology and theology without being overbearing to our clients, while at the same time being very effective to them. For that reason, there are many types of therapy counseling that have developed. This paper will take a look at several aspects of therapy that have had major success in the therapy arena. Treatment of emotional or psychological problems can be traced to antiquity. The ancient Greeks were the first to identify mental illness as a medical condition, rather than a sign of malevolent deities. While the understanding of the nature of the mental illness was not always correct (e.g., they believed that hysteria affected only women, due to a wandering uterus), and their treatments rather unusual (e.g., bathing for depression, blood-letting for psychosis), they did recognize the treatment value of encouraging and consoling words (Haggerty, 2006). With the fall of the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages saw the return of a belief in the supernatural as a cause for mental illness and the use of torture to gain confessions of demonic

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