Types Of Rifles

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The sniper rifle and the assault rifle are both rifles, but are actually very different weapons. They are both precision weapons, but the techniques used and the functions of the rifles are quite different. The assault rifle is often thought of as a high volume, spread pattern weapon, while the sniper rifle is a one shot, one kill weapon. They are both actually precision weapons. The assault rifle is not usually used in its fully automatic capability. It is often used in short bursts, giving it greater accuracy. A sniper rifle is designed for extremely long-range use and pinpoint accuracy. The user must undergo lengthy training to obtain the accuracy required to make this an effective weapon. The assault rifle is capable of long-range targets, but it is not designed for shooting the distances of a sniper rifle. The effectiveness of the assault rifle is not as dependent upon pinpoint aim, so less training is required. For this reason, it has become the standard weapon in modern warfare. The sniper rifle usually has just five or six shots in the magazine. An assault rifle can have large magazines loaded with in excess of 30 shots. The additional ammunition of the assault rifle enables a greater rate of fire than the sniper rifle, but this also reduces the accuracy of the assault rifle. The assault rifle is a smaller, lighter weight gun designed for entry into a building and use in close quarters. The size and weight allows the user better maneuverability. The sniper rifle is a larger, heavier gun better suited to long-range use. The weight of the longer barrel provides the stability needed for a more accurate aim. Though the assault rifle has single fire capability, it is only occasionally used for long-range shots. It fires a much slower and less powerful round than the sniper rifle. The power of the sniper rifle enables its round to punch through vehicle armor

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