Types of Research Essay

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TYPES OF RESEARCH Name Course Date Types of research Traditional research Traditional research can be defined as research at the fundamental level. It entails independent experimental studies which seek to discover the “truth.” Traditional research is predominantly involved with collecting knowledge which can be beneficial to education. Research performed at the second level is also a form of traditional research which is specifically aimed as a result of the study. It is also to improve any one aspect of the overall educational program. Traditional research has normally operated with the premonition that existing knowledge and information will eventually stimulate considerable changes in the general practice. This has resulted into the buildup of a body of accumulated knowledge. Therefore, the main problem faced in traditional research is dissemination the huge amount of information that we possess. There has been an attempt to solve this problem by preparing the information obtained for dissemination in educational institutions. Traditional research entails a search for an explanation. Evidence based research This is a process whereby the researcher blends properly researched interventions with existing clinical experience, client preferences, culture and ethics to direct and inform the delivery of services and treatments. According to Gibbs (2003), evidence based research places the client’s advantages first. The researchers adhere to a lifelong procedure of repeatedly posing particular questions which have a direct practical importance to their clients. The most appropriate evidence relative to each question is then sought objectively and efficiently. This evidence then directs the appropriate action taken. Professionals like medical practitioners rely on evidence based information so as to make the correct decisions regarding patient care. Essentially,
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