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Which type of power do you find most effective? According to our text, the bases of referent and expert, are highly effective in most situations. In my experience, employees and managers who exercise these types of power tend to create better professional relationships and have higher morale. Research has shown that both referent and expert power are related to higher employee employee satisfaction, performance, and loyalty. I believe that I utilize a form of expert power in most professional situations. In the past when filling out applications for work, I refer back to rele- vant experience I have had in the past to exhibit competence in the field I am applying for. In the future, after I graduate, I will be able to further increase my expert power, because I will be capable of performing specialized tasks with the knowledge and skills I have studied in college. Being aware of these types of power, and how they function will help me with my leadership and management skills. Why because the realization of all types of power may be use depending on situation at the time. I think it be appropriate to versatile using different styles and type to become more effective leader and managerial. Also, having a good establishment which is a key to this process of improvement. Another way of improving my leadership is to stay informed on recent technology and business trends in order to maintain a productive work environment. Overall, I have come to the conclusion that setting a good example and refining my skills is crucial to effec- tive leadership. Therefore, I plan to continue practicing my communication skills and attending college in order to obtain success in today society. Why? It is the right thing to do, and there so many strategies you can use pertaining to all I learn, retain and

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