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Classification THINKING CRITICALL Y Look at the cartoon strip above. Then answer the questions that follow. Classification is a great way to sort out the different categories within a group. For example, people classify others, at least to some extent, by gender, age, or race. Sometimes, it is appropriate to classify people by characteristics such as these, depending on your essay’s purpose. At other times it can indicate bias. What kind of classification is going on in this cartoon strip? What do you think is the cartoon artist’s implied message or thesis? _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ 197 198 PART III Writing and Critical Thinking in the Modes CLASSIFICATION ESSAYS Classification (sometimes also called “division”) involves grouping, or dividing items into categories. It involves using common characteristics to define categories within groups. You use classification skills all the time in your daily life. When you write a grocery list, you separate items into categories such as dairy, fruits and vegetables, frozen foods, and so on. In the academic world, classification comes in handy for subdividing larger groups in order to analyze them, or some aspect of them. Classification mode is often used in argument essays and story analysis essays (categorizing an author’s techniques or characters). Classification writing is also common in the workplace: Many tasks involve sorting items or people into particular groups or classifications for marketing or analysis purposes. Critical Thinking and Classification Be sure you know your purpose in choosing to classify information. Decide on the

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