Types Of Intelligence Essay

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The question at hand is the identification of the three types of Intelligence. They are; Basic, Current and Estimative/Predictive. At first glance I found myself perplexed at the idea of separating these types of intelligence being that, in my mind, you can’t have one without the other. This I found, was not completely true. Once I began breaking down the intelligence design I found definable differences which separate these areas into distinctive yet equally important sections or types. I stand firm on the previous statement that you can’t have one without the other, but each type can stand on their own at least for the idea of defining them as a separate type of intelligence. Basic Intelligence is as it sounds, boring, mundane, and unchanging for the most part. It is encyclopedic in nature. (1) I compare it to a shotgun blast; it covers a vast amount of space with multiple impacts. This is the basis of all intelligence. Basic Intelligence covers the big ticket items, history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, and military. (2) Like I said areas in which change is slow, and things, that for the most part will not require constant updating. That is reserved for Current Intelligence and we will discuss that later on. As an example of Basic Intelligence I refer you to a resource that I used in every mission that I was part of while serving in the US Military. The CIA World Fact Book, a non-secure site that can be accessed by all. This web site covers all of the big ticket items which can assist the user in developing, as in my case, an informative medical plan, or a security briefing. As I mentioned before Basic Intelligence is the root of the Intelligence Plan a compass of sorts for the next topic of discussion Current Intelligence. Current Intelligence is the meat and potatoes of the Intelligence Report and as such
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