Types of Intelligence Essay

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Everyone is beautiful in their own way. That’s a quote I know everyone is familiar with but it is very true. Everyone is born into the world the same but are raised differently and within the raising process they learn stuff differently some good and some bad, but based on the person they receive the information in their own way. Most cases people believe if someone is doing something wrong then they’re dumb. But if someone does something right with no help they’re smart or very intelligent. Even though that’s not true that’s how the world makes it look, but as of now I know different and in my own opinion I believe everyone is intelligent. Intelligence is having the ability to learn new or difficult situations or tasks. So long as you do a task with an open mind and give it your all to complete it, you are intelligent. There are seven types of intelligences, and they are Visual/spatial (“Picture Smart”), Bodily/Kinesthetic (“Body smart”), Logical/mathematical (“Number/Reasoning smart”), Musical/Rhythmic (“Musical Smart”), Interpersonal (“People Smart”), Verbal/Linguistic (Word Smart) and Intrapersonal (“Self Smart”). They all contribute to society in one way or another. For example look at a musical/rhythmic person they’re talented in music. Whether there the singer or the drum player they embrace what they do and gives it 100% percent and in the end it pays off. Then you have Bodily/Kinesthetic People who are talented physically like a football player and basketball players. They have the training to be better at that task because they put in the work to do so, It makes them intelligent in that department because they took time out to embrace it and go the extra mile to be that much more intelligent in that position they play. After learning all the intelligences and knowing what they are, I can say the ones that I can mostly identify with is Interpersonal and
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