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What is Friendship? Friendship. It is the relationship described to be between those who hold mutual affection for one another, yet one would fail to see its many forms, unless he or she puts some thought into it. In Judith Viorst’s essay “All Kinds of Friends”, Viorst goes into detail about the many types of friendships that people share. She divides these friendships into 6 different categories: “convenience friends”, “special interest friends”, “historical friends ”, “crossroad friends”, “cross-generation friends”, and “close friends”, all of which have a significant meaning behind each one. When one really thinks about it, we all have kinds of friends that the individual may not know I have two respectable friends who best described two of the categories. In the words of Judith Viorst’s, “ these friendships depend on the sharing of some activity or concern.”(Pg. 8) according to her, special interest friends are friends that bond through similar interests. They could be friends that one sees on a daily basis such as work, school, or home. For example, my friend Drake, whom I met through cross-country and track and field, and I have known each other since my freshman year of high school; however, much of our friendship was just based on talking to each other when I was out training in those sports or when we were in the weight room together. He is someone whom I would consider my sports buddy. We’ve been through the same sports together ever since high school, from doing cross-country and track and field in high school, to rowing on the crew team for Orange Coast College. When I want to play basketball with someone or when I need a workout buddy, he’s the one I call. Our friendship is special. When I entered a basketball tournament to play for a club event, he was the first one whom I asked to be on my team, and when I was planning to get a gym membership

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