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Types of Friends Julie Jo There are millions of people existing on the planet, Earth. Within this population, many people do not live as independent but rely on others. Children may rely on their parents until they are capable of living on their own, patients may rely on doctors to treat their diseases and in particular, people may seek friendship for happiness, support and care. Friendship that many people rely on can be specified into many complexed categories. Some of the common types of friends in the current society are an acquaintance, a frenemy and a best friend. According to the dictionary, the definition of acquaintance is “a person known to one but usually not a close friend.” This means that one may only know either another one’s face or name. These types of friends can be met in school, at work, on the bus, in the gym or anywhere else a person may frequently visit. It might be the quiet girl, Sally, beside the classroom window who does not participate a lot in class discussions or it might be the man with a beard who always rides the same bus, carries a leather bag for his work and say “hi” to you. Like these situations, there are far more external features involved such as how a person’s face look like or what the person wear than internal features such as quirks or characteristics. Therefore, acquaintance is a brief-knowing and perhaps, uncomfortable friendship that one does not show true colour of himself/herself to the other. Next, a frenemy is a “coalescence of “friend” and “enemy” that can refer to either an enemy disguised as a friend or someone who is both a friend and a rival.” A common situation might be in a business workplace. The business colleagues might act friendly and even offer a cup of coffee to another. However, the colleagues and the person are also competing with each other to become better than each other by promotion.

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