Types of Communication Essay

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M1 Unit: 4 Business Communication Analysing types of communication Meetings: Meetings are very important in every business organisation because it strengthens and develops the business growth, Plus more Information, and strategical plans are taken to promote business productivity . In meetings Not only do member of staff come together with head managers to discuss about or share ideas to promote business stability , they also come to give appraisals , and offer promotions to members of staff working really hard in the business .For example at Sgs college surveys are take as well as voice of learner meetings , This elaborates and enhance the colleges development because ,they are finding ways on improving the business. This is the best method because its more formal, It’s also being accounted and recorded and it allows people to also express and share their ideas that could be relevant to the college. It is also Important because it develop and address weakness. News Letter: news letters are very simple piece of written word, sent to people internally and externally ,out side the business .this newsletters mostly contains stuff about business changes, implementation of new job roles and policies. business news letter keeps staff on the same page , as in like everyone knows whats going on in the business .For instance at SGs college if there is going to be a new changes in Business logo or name , its written in news letters to aware everyone member of staff about the change and impact towards the college. This is the best method because its formal and very important because its contain valuable and deatailed information member of staff should know about in the business(SGs college) Facebook: this is a social network that could also be of good use of spreading information , and advertising business product , activities or events. its also an easier and
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