Types of Burns

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A first degree burn. First Degree Burns The first degree burns are the minor burns which only damage the upper most layer of the skin, the epidermis. They produce pinkish to red color marks on the skin and their symptoms include a mild swelling, tenderness of skin and of course pain. They are caused by the brief contact of skin with steam, any hot liquid or flame. Although the first degree burns are minor burns, they should be taken care of. They heal by themselves within a period of some days. As soon as the skin gets burned it should be put in cold water. It is better not to apply any ointment on these burns as they heal by themselves. But if they are a bit more serious and cause more swelling than a mild ointment can be applied. Second degree burn. Types Of Fire Extinguishers Fire Extinguishers A fire extinguisher is a special device used to put out small fires. This active fire protection device is not used, however to put out out-of-control fires, but is only used for the purpose of putting out not so severe fires. Second Degree Burns The second degree burns are more severe than the first degree burns and involve the damage of not only the epidermis of the skin but also the second layer of the skin known as the dermis. They produce blisters and red marks on the skin. They cause scars and swelling of the skin and are very painful. They are caused when the skin is exposed to hot liquids and flames. They require a proper treatment. As soon as the skin is burnt it should be immediately treated with cold water then an ointment must be applied. If the burns are serious then a doctor must be consulted. It is important to take these burns seriously and should not be exposed to water much. A Third Degree Burn. If left untreated they can become serious wounds causing a severe damage to the skin. In most cases the burnt wounds get

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