Types of Attachment Essay

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Pyschology Essay – Research into Types Of Attachment Bowlby (51) stated that monotropy existed between a children and its mother. He said that children had a special relationship with their mother that was above all other relationships the child would ever have. However further research has stated that monotropy can also refer to a strong main bond between a child and any attachment figure. This was compared to the Lorenz (52) study into imprinting with gosling in which Lorenz separated half a group of eggs from their mother and left the other half with the mother. When the eggs hatched, the goslings attached to the first mother thing they saw ad therefore when the whole group were placed back together, the goslings spilt up even though the true mother was their ; one half following Lorenz and the other following the mother. Although he realised that human attachment was far more complicated as human babies do not attach to the moving more thing they see; Lorenz used the gosling study to compare attachment style in humans. He said that babies have one strong attachment and there is a critical period (similar to the one shown in goslings) in which they have to attach to specific people. Also he found out that the person humans attach to are not the ones that feed them but are the one that comforts and sooths them. This idea is also emphasised by the skin to skin hypothesis, which was researched by Klaus and Kennel (76) in which they had two groups of mothers and babies, where group 1 were allowed contact with mother when feeding for the first three days and group 2 were allowed extended with mother lasting several hours per day. They returned to the groups a month later and found that mothers who had closer contact cuddled their babies more and had greater eye contact and from this information Klaus and Kennel came to the theory that closer contact led to a

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