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Types of advertisement, non-traditional There are various types of advertisements that we can see and hear as usual in our life. And we can say ‘traditional advertisements’ such as newspapers, TVs and billboards. On the other hand, new methods of advertisements have increased and effected ‘traditional advertisements’ for last two decades. I pick out examples of 3 ‘non-traditional advertisement’. The Internet: We can find many new types of advertisements on the Internet when we are web-surfing. Most popular one is banner. Almost sites, for example news, blogs and bbs and free web services, are run by incomes from their banners. The advertisements of the Internet also link with ‘traditional advertisements’. We often use search engine like Google when we want to get detail information after we knew the product’s name on TV and magazines. Spam: While the Internet creates effective new types of advertisements, it is overflowed with meaningless and useless advertisements. It is spam. We receive many e-mails every day that we can’t know who is sender. If we send our personal information or reply something to spam, they must be used for crimes and bad things. Telephone marketing: We might think it a traditional method, but the development of information technology and network changed the way of telephone marketing. The special software and database are used to call potential customer efficiently. And the reduction of networking cost enable overseas outsourcing, for example, it might be a company in India that calls directly homes in America at random. I think that the ‘non-traditional advertisements’ have both sides of good and bad effect. We need to choose the information what we really want more carefully. In fact the importance of ‘non-traditional advertisement’ has been increasing

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