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TYCO – case analysis Conglomerate as a Viable Sructure TYCO – Case analysis Company Background Tyco International Ltd. is a conglomerate, a highly diversified global manufacturing company. Tyco International is composed Tyco International of six major business segments. Corporate Control Disposable Medical Products Fire Protection Flow Control Simplex Technologies Packaging Materials Speciality Products Strategy Tyco follows a strategy of expansion through diversification based on acquisition. This strategy focuses on:     Consolidation Finding Growth Reduce Cyclicality Disciplined Approach : Reducing / removing competition : New opportunities for long term growth : Uncertainties due to business cycle : Expansion of portfolio. Planning it strategically, Tyco seems to have chosen to enter businesses that are unglamorous but provide an opportunity for profitability and growth. Further, Tyco choice of products which compete in stable, low-tech and standardized products requiring limited R&D spending is also a part of its strategy. This has helped the company to control costs and reap the benefits of standardizations and consolidation of processes and systems adding to the corporate advantage. To further elaborate this, with acquisition as its major strategy early on, in the days of Mr. Gaziano, Tyco earned a reputation as a „corporate raider‟. Later on, however, under Fort and Koslowski, things operated under more diligent control. Nature of resources: General Corporate Office: Small Corporate Strategy: A distinct fivepronged approach aimed at exploiting core competancy and corporate advantage Scope of Business: Wide Control System: Financial Coordination mechanism: Transferring Fig. 1 Well-aligned strategy of TYCO The above diagram gives a

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