Two Weeks with the Queen

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The play “Two weeks with the Queen” by Morris Gleitzman is a story about a boy named Colin Mudford who is sent to live in England while his brother is being treated for cancer. The relationship is major themes in the play and responder is left with this message that relationship is important because we can see the different relationship between the main characters and his friends. The visual representation shows all the hands together to represent the different relationships and connections in the play “Two weeks with Queen”. I’m using red for the poster colour because I want to show the love in the relationship. The little boy image that in the middle is represent Colin. The left top corner image is two boys fighting. It’s represent the brother relationship. The example of the theme is the beginning of the first act and Colin play with his brother Luke. It’s show us how the brother relationship working. If people look at my image, they might they are brother. Because although they look like they are fighting, but it can mean they are just make their friendship go stronger. The left bottom image is Mario and Lulgl. It’s represent gay relationship. The example is Ted and Griff. In the play, their family doesn’t accept their gay relationship. Its show most people don’t accept gay love in the world. The people that look at this image and they might think that they are gay. Because Mario and lulgl stand together and they look gay. The right top corner image is four people stand together in the dawn. It’s represent the family relationship. The example is Colin, Luke, his father and his mother. Its show the family relationship needs support. The people that look at my image may think it’s a warm family because they stand together and look like support each other. The right bottom image is two boys stand together. It’s represent the friend relationship. The example is

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