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Two Views Of Interpersonal Communication Essay

  • Submitted by: jkenagy517
  • on March 16, 2012
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Two Views of Interpersonal Communication
 There are many ways to communicate; two of them are defined as quantitative and qualitative. The definition of quantitative interpersonal communication is the interaction of two people face to face. Qualitative interpersonal communication is defined as the interaction between people takes on a personal level and can involve two or more persons.
 Quantitative definition of communication can be both interpersonal and impersonal depending on the type of interaction between two people. There are no clear differences of whether this type of communication is unique, empathetic, meaningful, or close relationships. We have quantitative impersonal communication on a regular basis when we interact with grocery clerks, gas attendants, bank tellers, and strangers. When going to the gas station the usual conversation consists of telling the attendant how much fuel to put into the tank of your vehicle, then a quick money exchange. This same conversation tends to be the same with bank tellers, handing them a deposit slip, and receiving a receipt and the conversation transaction is completed. Just the same, as it is with a grocery clerk. It is possible to have brought uniqueness and meaning to these short communication episodes if you involve personal emotion and repeated trips to the same employee of a certain vendor that you use for services. This helps to extend the quantitative communication to a deeper level as familiarity begins to take shape.
 Qualitative interpersonal communication begins to develop when one includes uniqueness, interdependence, disclosure, and intrinsic rewards. This type of communication is important to our close relationships with partners, close valued friends, co-workers, superiors, and our children. It is important to take the time to value our close relationships enough to use qualitative interpersonal communication. In a marriage, it is essential to discuss matters of conflict, for instance, to...

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