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two side of human character Essay

  • Submitted by: vichia2012
  • on February 28, 2009
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The Two Sides of Human’s Character
Every story goes with a main plot and it talks about two kinds of characters: protagonists and antagonists. The protagonist is a hero, who usually does good things to people and fights against the antagonist, who causes bad things to happen to everybody. Case and Wiltshire are two examples of these characters from Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Beach of Falesá.” Wiltshire is the protagonist and Case is the antagonist. They are both traders who want to benefit from using goods like copra, but there are many differences in the way they get to their purpose.   By the end of the story, Stevenson clearly contrasts the two men in their advantages, behaviors and relationships.
First, the two men have different advantages.   Wiltshire’s situation does not offer many advantages. He is a trader who created his copra trading station at Falesá. At the beginning of the story, the only way he can communicate with the islanders is through Case. He needs a translator because he does not know the native language. Without translation, he has no idea what is going on: “. . . , and he called her up and spoke to her in the native. I didn't know what he said” (Stevenson 192). On the other side, Case is the one who has more advantages. By living for a while on Falesá, he is the only trader who can speak native language on the island so he uses it to create his own upper hand, gaining the other trader’s trust. With the islanders, he knows their superstitions and takes advantage of these, too. He built his shelter in a bush that is believed by the native to be the land of devils and demons so nobody will know what he is doing.
Secondly, the relationship between Wiltshire, Case and the natives seems to be another difference. Wiltshire is a British trader who comes to Falesá to do business with the islanders. At the beginning of the story, he not only does not know the native language but also does not have a good relationship...

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