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Two Old Women The two old women were left for dead by The People because the group was running out of supplies and food. So they had to leave the two women to survive by themselves with little to no supplies, the tribe did give them caribou skin to help them keep warm in this harsh winter. What was even more messed up was that their children had to agree with the tribe because they were dead weight to The People and they did not want to keep back backing them were ever they went, so they thought. As the tribe left the two women sit staring as there people leave them, both thinking were are going to die out in this God awful place. So they said to themselves we are not going to die without a fight. The first day to them was harsh, they…show more content…
They saved the meat for another time when they were rally starving. The two women knew they could not stay here in this awful place were there tribe left them, they needed a place with a little life such as the river. This trip to them was the worst. They made snow shoes to help them throughout the trip and each night they would dig themselves a pit to sleep in and to keep the cold from killing them. When morning hit each time the women were weaker and they had to build up the courage to get up every time because they knew if they were not moving then they would die for sure. These two women have showed so much strength and will power throughout theses first 3 chapters. They are able to catch their own meal, clean the meal and cook it, while setting up a place to sleep and a fire to keep them warm. During this time it seems that these two women showed that they can survive without the help of their tribe. These two women always looked at the positives in a horrible situation, until reality hit them and they were basically going on there survival instinct. I think this goes to show that when people are faced with a harsh opportunity like this one and still able to keep it together. Truly shows that we as people are strong when we are together. Just imagine if these two women were not friends and hated each other, they would not survive that is for

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