Two Methods of Losing Weight Essay

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TWO METHODS OF LOSING WEIGHT Over weight and obesity is one of the problems that majority of people face. Obesity and excess fat can led to different diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and so on which is not healthy for the body or health of an individual. Almost half of Americans are faced with this problem and as a result want to lose weight to stay healthy and fit. It is important that weight is lost for healthy living, though there are different methods of losing weight, there are two methods that would be discussed which are surgical method of losing weight and dieting. Surgical method of losing weight is one extreme medical way in which instruments would be used to remove fat from the body or procedure would be made to reduce the stomach so that there can be less intake of food or less appetite for food. There are different surgical methods of losing weight which are: 1) Biariatric surgery 2) Billopancreatic Diversion: This is a type of weight loss surgery that involves three-fourth of the stomach removed and the rest connected to the last segment of the small intestine. 3) Gastric bypass surgery: This is a vertical banded method in which the upper part of the stomach is stapled and the intestine is left intact. 4) Lap Band surgery: This is a method in which a new stomach pouch is created inside the stomach. Most people prefer this method because there are less complication after the operation. All these surgical methods of losing weight has its negative and positive effects which can affect the health of an individual that undergoes surgery. Dieting is a method that involves the regulation of food intake to decrease or maintain body weight. It involves watching or monitoring the amount of calorie consumed each day. Taking less amount of calories helps improve and enhance dieting. There are

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