Two Methods Of Losing Weight Essay

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Associate Program Material Appendix F Outline and Thesis Statement Guide What is your thesis statement? ___I think that eating healthy and exercise are the most important for losing weight. Introduction Two ways of Losing Weight I. First main point Here are some fact that can help you make a choice. A. Supporting details Proteins are nutrients that your body need to stay healthy 1. Subdetails Fish 2. Subdetails eggs B. Supporting details Vegatable play a important role for losing weight. 1. Subdetails healthy 2. Subdetails muscles strong II. Second main point If you eat fewer calories than you burn you lose weight. A. Supporting details Instead of drinking sodas are sugary drinks 1. Subdetails you should drink plenty of water 2. Subdetails vegetable juice B. Supporting details Exercise and healthy eating will help you lose more weight than dieting 1. Subdetails muscle burns more fat 2. Subdetails exercise speeds up your metabolism III. Third main point You should also exercise daily A. Supporting details Decide how much weight you need to lose 1. Subdetails walking 2. Subdetails running B. Supporting details Regular exercise also brings more immediate benefits. 1. Subdetails It improves resistance to infections 2. Subdetails joint flexibility IV. Third main point With continued, regular exercise, you will find that you move easier A. Supporting details Walking is the ideal exercise for those of us with weight issue. 1. Subdetails overweight 2. Subdetails or obese B. Supporting details You must swim for 25 to 30 minutes 1. Subdetails you should swim in slow pace 2. Subdetails pay attention on the strokes that you are good at. Conclusion Whether you exercise are eat healthy, it will be an important

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