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Two Literary Works Essay

  • Submitted by: redlexus41
  • on November 29, 2014
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Two literary works

Compare and Contrast of two literary works
Tisha Smith
Eng 125

The short story and poems are almost like a condensed novel. The author has the challenge of establishing a great them, a fitting setting and a fitting conclusion. I have enjoyed all the literary works during the course of this class. For my final paper I will be comparing only two of these works. I will attempt to describe both works separately and then describe how they are alike or different. I have chosen The Worn Path and The Road not Taken.

In the story The Worn Path the author Eudora Welty does a amazing job describing this elderly lady journey to town to pick up medication for her grandson. The use of very descriptive wording gives you a great visual of this lady. You can visualize her striped dress topped with apron and her slow pace to which she walked with her cane. She came upon many obstacles during her journey, but these did not distract her from her goal. I felt this story had a lot of symbolism from the surroundings she passed on her journey, I felt these were reflections of all the obstacles she had been through and seen throughout her lifetime. Ms Phoenix elderly as she was had a determination to get to town and get the medications her grandson needed, which anyone can admire. My interpretation was that she wasn’t in the best of health herself, and the reminders of death were all around her but in a abstract way. And I found it very interesting that she did not forget what she was going to town until she got to her destination. I felt the overall theme of this story is determination and perseverance. It seems to me that the writer was showing us that even   with everything stacked against her she made it .

The story The Road not taken written by Robert Frost Is about a journey in life , I felt the author was describing how life has many options and choices. Making the decision to go one way, and thinking that perhaps he will take the other road next...

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