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Response to “Two Kinds” Donna-Lee Bellamy Jing-mei’s confrontation with her mother following the recital is not where the climax occurs in Amy Tan’s Two Kinds. Jing-mei is the protagonist and during the climax the protagonist is supposed to change during that event. Jing-mei’s mother is constantly encouraging her, telling her she can be a prodigy if she puts forth more effort, but Jing-mei does not believe in herself or her abilities. Jing-mei says, “ For unlike my mother, I did not believe I could be anything I wanted to be. I could only be me” (464). Jing-mei does not change during the argument with her mother because although her mother stops pressuring her to play the piano this argument did not change her mentality, meaning she did not start believing in herself. Jing-mei tells us, “ I didn’t get straight A’s. I didn’t become class president. I didn’t get into Stanford. I dropped out of college” (464). This shows us that even after the argument Jing-mei continued to limit and doubt herself. The climax of the story is when Jing-mei opens the piano after her mother’s dies and starts to play again. This shows a change in the protagonist because before Jing-mei wasn’t any good at playing the piano because she never desired to put forth the effort into practicing, but in the end of the story she tries to play a song called “Perfectly Contented”, and after years of not practicing she finds that the piece comes effortlessly to her. Jing-mei finally realizes that her mother was actually right all along and she was indeed limiting herself. The fact that Jing-mei could play the song on the piano without any practice shows that she indeed could have been a prodigy if she applied herself. Theme: Immigrant parents often put a tremendous burden on their children to succeed in America, never thinking about their children’s wants because they believe they know best,

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