Two Kinds Essay

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Two Kinds Every day somewhere in the world, a mother’s expectations for their daughter to succeed in life may come from what she has lost prior to her daughter being born. Amy Tan, the author of the short story “Two Kinds”, teaches a valuable lesson in a mother- daughter relationship. The mother a Chinese immigrant was determined her daughter; Jeing-Mei a first generation Chinese American was to become a prodigy. The theme of “Two Kinds” expresses how a mother’s dream for her daughter to be successful in America can turn a daughter away from her own identity. Jeing-Mei believes that America will give her the identity she wants without having to work for it. Her mother believes that personal identity is not as important as fame. “And after I played them both a few times, I realized they were two halves of the same song.”(Tan 212) Throughout the whole story Jeing-Mei and her mother battle over who she is to become in America. Jeing-Mei had her own ideals of how she would become the prodigy. As time passed Jeing-Mei became rebellious over being pushed into a mold. Her mother was determined she was going to be a prodigy like Shirley Temple or other girls she saw on television. Finally, her mother decided she would become a pianist. Jeing-Mei started talking back to her mother and acting out disrespectfully, when her mother took her freedom and made her practice the piano every day. Jeing-Mei liked to practice best the fancier parts of songs that she could use her foot and leg to play. Things seemed to settle awhile until the day of her recital where the rebellion kicked in. Jeing-Mei hit a wrong note in the song she was playing and instead of correcting herself she continued to hit wrong keys on the piano. After making her mistakes Jeing-Mei looked at her parents for comfort but instead got rejected. “But my mother’s expression was what devastated me: a quiet, blank
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