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Amy Tan’s short story “Two Kinds” may come off as a short, easy, and fun read but to gain its full effect you must understand what's going on in both sides of the world between the narrator and her mother. Most fiction stories are told in first person but what makes this one different is that “Two Kinds” was based on the relationship between Amy Tan and her mother had while growing up in America. As a reader I am able to see the narrator's childhood relationship between herself and her mother through her eyes which makes this short story much more personal. If “Two Kinds” is read properly you should be able gain more than just an entertaining read but as well as an important life lesson. Right off the bat you get an idea of the mothers tone from the first sentence, “My mother believed you can be anything you wanted to be in America.” This is not only used to start the story but used repeatedly throughout the paper. From this statement you can conclude the the mom is someone who was goal oriented and dreamed big not for herself but for her daughter. The tone helps showcase how serious the mother is in wanting her daughter to become a successful women. Setting is a crucial element is the short story. The narrator and her mother live in California but it is useful to remember that her mom was born in China. While in China she lost everything, her parents, husband, and twin daughters so being happy in America was a must. Being happy meant Ni Kan becoming a famous American. The setting played a big role not only because there were two cultures crossing but to give the reader an idea where the motive was coming from. For a short story theres plenty of conflict throughout. Conflict is what drives the two apart but brings them back together at the end. Ni Kan’s mother and her have two different personalities and goals that are on opposite ends of the

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