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“Life is Full of Lessons” The story “Two Kinds”, is about high cultural expectations and a relationship between a Chinese mother and a stubborn, defiant and disobedient Asian American daughter. Suyuan, whom is from China then migrated to San Francisco in 1949, but had lost her family back home, including two daughters, her first husband, her mother and father. On the other hand, Jing Mei whom is the protagonist in the story, is the daughter of Suyuan. In the story, Jing Mei is constantly dealing internal conflicts within herself, as well as battling an external conflict with Suyuan. In the strict Chinese culture, the expectations on a child are high. In this case, Jing Mei struggles to meet her mother’s expectations. Also, Jing Mei never knew what she wanted to become in her life. Failing to meet with her mother’s expectations and having self doubts was a struggle for the two, which caused conflicts and major friction between Jing Mei and Suyuan. However, Jing Mei disobedient and rebellious attitude caused her to misconstrue with her mother’s positive intentions, which was for Jing Mei to use her capabilities that her mother knew she had to become successful in life. The theme and the main idea to “Two Kinds”, is that parents cannot control and dictate their children‘s lives, but can only guide them in the right direction in life. In a lot of foreigners eyes, America is the place where all dreams come true. Also, they strongly believe that America is the place to become wealthy and successful. In addition, they Nhan 2 believe that coming to America will make their lives better for themselves and for their family. Suyuan had the belief that you can become anything in America. Jing Mei stated, “My mother believed you could be anything you wanted to be in America” (Tan, 362). As a result, Suyuan sacrificed a ton to see her daughter become the

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