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“Two Kinds” In the story “Two Kinds” written by Amy Tan is about a complex relationships between a mother who wants a talented and a “prodigy” child just like on the TV and a daughter that is trying to impress her mom and make her mom proud but at the same time both of them aren’t happy at the same time. The daughter wants to make her mother proud but keeps disappointing her Jing-mei whats to impress her mother by trying to learn the piano. “and after seeing my mother’s face once again, some, thing inside of me began to die inside of me. I hated the tests”(100)Tan understands that jing-mei keeps disappointing her mother by not doing the things her mother expects or what’s to listen to . tan know that jing-mei ties to impress her mother over and over again but her mom doesn’t what to hear what jing-mei plays but what she sees on the TV and what’s her to be a prodigy. Jing mei doesn’t care at this point, to where her mother pushed her. Jing-mei gives up, losses hope and interest in the piano lessons and doesn’t care what her mother cares anymore . This creates action toward the story how she disobeys her mother’s wishes Jing-mei what’s her mom to accept her the ways she is. Jing-mei doesn’t want to change herself just to make her mother happy. “why don’t you like the way iam”(103)Tan understands that jing mei is feed up by her mother telling her what to do and trying to change her. Jimg-mei disrespects her and doesn’t care how her mother feels. She also understands that jing-mei is trying to tell her mom that she can’t be a prodigy. When she tells her reflection in the mirror one night that she will not allow her mother to change her, that she will not try to be what she is not, she will show mother in a strong but negative manner. Jing-mei is anger cause her mom doesn’t understand that every child can’t be talented . They can however be talented in there

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