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“Two Kinds” It is tough to living with someone who has a totally different point of view from what you thought. The story “Two Kinds” talked about the Mother’s view of two kinds of daughters, “those who are obedient and those who follow their own mind” (Tan 369). There are two kinds of mother, who nurtures their child’s talents and those who coerce their child to stay away their dreams. The different point of view of Jing-Mei’s mother and Jing-Mei symbolize the conflict in “Two Kinds”. The point of view is spoken through the character, Jing-Mei’s mother believe her daughter “could be anything you wanted to be in America… can be prodigy too” (Tan 362). Her mother fled to San Francisco in 1949 because of World War II. She lost her parents, family, and the baby girls in China. But she knows she has to move on, so she gives all the best to Jing-Mei and has a higher expectation. It was where “…..all my mother’s hopes lay” (Tan 362). Throughout the story Jing-Mei reflects back to the painful conflict with her mother. After nine years in America, her parents were neither “rich” nor “famous”. Her mother wants Amy has a different life and want her daughter has a better life than her. Suyuan began to force Jing-Mei to learn piano, setting her up to become a “prodigy” (Tan 362). Her mother keeps forcing her to do things that she doesn’t want it to do. But her mother never listen, she just want Jing-Mei to become “prodigy” (Tan 362). After her mother told her to learn piano, she felt “…as tough I had been sent to hell.” The piano becomes symbolism of the conflict. Amy felt the sting as an unwanted child, one that had to perform to earn acceptance and love. “Why don’t you like me the way I am? I am not a genius!” (Tan 365), Jing-Mei pleaded. Although she was musically gifted, she was “determined not to try, not to be anybody different that I learned to play on the most

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