Two Kinds Essay

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Ciara Clarke English 102 CHA 4 October 2010 Two Kinds Jing- me i’s mother believed you could be anything you wanted to be in America own a restaurant, work for the government or even become famous; America was where all [her] hopes lay (Tan 43). And like her mother my father is kind of ambitious like that, most times I think he is trying to live his dream of being a surgeon through me. My father pushes me so hard; sometimes I just want to scream get a life and stop worrying about mine. Like Jing- mei I can’t help but feel like he wants me to be something I’m never going to be “you want me to be someone that I’m not, I’ll never be the kind of daughter you want me to be” (Tan 47). Because I know in my heart that am not smart like that, I’m barely able to handle my pre- dentistry classes as it is. He is constantly comparing me to my cousins about how ones in law school and the other is in med school saying “if they can do it so can you, you’re not less of a person than they are.” He expects me to have no social life; he says there’s a time for everything and that the time for partying would come in the future when I have made something of myself. This essay is about my reaction and or decisions in comparison to Jing-mei’s when we were in similar situations. Sometimes after seeing my dad’s disappointed face, something inside of me begins to die, and when that happens I try to convince myself that most people rebel against their parents at some point in their lives, and this was mine. But every times he makes the face it reminds me of how he thought I should have gone to an Ivy League school but missed my opportunity instead. This happened a year ago when I was accepted into Georgetown University which I never applied to (he completed an application without my consent right after my GED results came out), and after going for the campus tour I realized that it so

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