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In Amy Tan’s story “Two Kinds” is a battle between two generations; one being a Chinese American girl named Jing-Mei and her mother a Chinese immigrant pursuing the American dream for her daughter. Jing-Mei is very much an American conditioned teenager and her mother is very much a Chinese born mother with her beliefs in child rearing extreme and absolute. One key thing to remember in the story is Jing-Mei is the child in the story, while she can rebel, she is dependent on her mother. She is a restless rebellion but her mother remains holding the control with almost a dictator’s grip. This is a universal theme, because in every mother-daughter relationship there’s an absolute control of mother to child until the child comes into her own. The story is narrated by Jing-Mei as an adult reflecting back on her childhood and how her mother brought her up. When she refers to herself as her younger self, there’s a sense of revolt in her nature. She didn’t comprehend her mother’s grip of control on her life or what she hoped to attain from it, solely that she didn’t enjoy it and would purposefully sabotage things in order to get things to go her way. This was Jing-Mei’s way of sticking to her convictions. Jing-Mei was resisting this identity imposed on her, that she was more than her mother’s daughter. In the story she mentions her mother’s two daughters which suffered an untimely death. Jing-Mei states: I wish I was dead like them. Throwing her bond to her mother into the garbage and hitting her where it hurts. It was basically a verbal assault; her way of overpowering her mother, a willful child’s coup d’état. As a child she didn’t quite comprehend exactly what she was saying, spite flowing out of her words like venom, as an adult you can sense her feeling of remorse. She realizes her mistakes and why things may have occurred as they did as an adult. As a child, Jing-Mei

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