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“Every choice you make has an end result” – a highly evident idea portrayed by the movie protagonist in a myriad of ways through the film’s entirety. Through the utilization of filmic elements in the movie Two Hands by Gregor Jordan, the audience explores the concept of learning from bad decisions and the prices it eventuates. Life requires choices to be made, including the simplest actions, whether one realizes it or not. Sometimes people don’t recognize the prices undoubtedly attributed to these choices being made and only realize when it's too late. Two Hands is a testament to this sentiment, accentuating the concept of 'choice'. The use of non digetic sound makes it evident that Jimmy, the protagonist, is torn between two major factors in his life: love and work. Jimmy has the choice of guarding the Money for his job or being careless and burying the money in order to follow his “love interest”. As his choice has been finalized, the music becomes much more dramatic, signifying to the viewer, a wrong choice has been made. Underwater, just before resurfacing, Jimmy’s facial features make it apparent that he has an epiphany in regards to how wrong his decision was. That split second of resurfacing allows musical transition from a distinct diegetic sound of the ocean. The ocean’s tranquility fades out, and the music becomes erratic, further reiterating that a split second’s choice can dramatically alter situations. Through the clever manipulation of filmic techniques, particularly the soundtrack, director Jordan has reiterated the notion that choices have prices to pay and you only realize these prices when the wrong decision has been made. A life spent making choices, is not only one more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. Through the masterful use of camera techniques in the final scene, particularly the POV shot interlinking with the

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