Two good way to reduce stress

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Life is full of many worries; feeling tired and having stress are unavoidable. Especially in 21st century, people are more and more active and busy, so they are easy to get stress with the difficulties. However, whatever stress is, there are many different ways that human beings can handle it. In my opinion, being online and traveling are 2 best ways of reducing stress. Being online is the best choice with many people who want to be out of stress without paying much money. Internet is said to create a real global village with a great source of information. Therefore, people enjoy many services online such as watching movies, listening to music, playing games, reading books, etc. For example, you can access website like “”; to search for funny videos, your favorite songs and get out of stress. Moreover, internet also helps us to stay in touch with our friends throughout any distance. With that effort, we can chat with friends in order to share feelings, help each other to get out of troubles and sometime get advices from other people. According to scientist, saying out the things that make you tired; stressful is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress. On internet, it is easier to express yourself than in the real life, because you don’t have to talk to your friends directly, so even if you are a shyer, you still can share your feeling with other people. If you want to enjoy fresh air to feel more comfortable and out of busy life, traveling is the best way for you. Traveling can temporarily bring us out of your normal life; it means that when traveling we may forget all the worries by enjoying beautiful spots and delicious food in many places. Moreover, you can broaden your relationship when travelling. Having more friends will help you reduce stress. Besides, traveling also provide us opportunity to widen our knowledge and experience in
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