Two Friends, a Problem and How Much Land Does a Man Need Essay

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In the story two friends by Guy De Maupassant the two friends decide to go fishing and get caught and they died due to not giving up the password. In the story how much land does a man need? By Leo Tolstoy, Pakhom buys more and more land to make more money and buy the last piece of land he dies in front of everyone watching him walk and earn this land. In the story a problem by Anton Chekhov, Sasha chose not to learn a lesson the first time and he got bailed out by his uncle Ivan and put himself back into the bad position at the end of the story. In all three stories the decisions to fish, acquire more land and not to learn from certain decisions all, which turn out in a bad way. All three of this stories connect with each other making decisions. Initially, in the story two friends written by Maupassant. The decision leads to a bad outcome, which is death. The two friends through it would be okay to go fishing in the middle of the war. They arrived at the fishing spot and saw where the Prussians were staying and they still proceeded to go fishing. The two friends say, “A feeling of uneasiness paralyzed them as they faced their deserted region”. They though it would still be smart and keep fishing instead of leaving and not being caught by the Prussians soldiers. The decision was to either give up the password or die for France, which led to a bad outcome and they both, died. Furthermore, The story “how much land does a man need? Written by Tolstoy. This decision, which is also a bad one, he buys land a couple of times and he was greedy. As the author states “ I will go for another three miles and then turn left. This spot is so fine, that it would be another pity to lose it. The further one goes, the better the land will seem”. His quote means repercussion of Packham's decision to go another three

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