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Two Dimensional Art Essay

  • Submitted by: becca42010
  • on December 22, 2011
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Two-dimensional art only encompasses two dimensions, height and width. The art work is flat and does not have physical depth. The category of two-dimensional art includes the techniques of drawing, painting, print making, photography and graphic art. The media used is diverse; pencils, pens, paint, pastels, ink, film…really anything. Art has been produced in this manner since the beginning, when prehistoric man drew on cave walls with charred wood from the fire pit. Humans instinctively draw and paint, picture the baby in a high chair painting with his finger on the tray with baby food, or me, as a five year old, drawing with dirt clods on the driveway.
My favorite form of two-dimensional art is photography, capturing a moment in time using light on a photosensitive surface. Photography enables us to keep a moment of time forever. Time is really never lost. We can record history through actual images. Unlike painting and drawing, the image is recorded, rather than the artist’s interpretation of an image. We can see in front of us how we looked and felt through the years, wecan watch our children grow forever.
My favorite photographers are sports photographers. It’s amazing how they can capture a split second, a pivotal moment in a game that moves so fast. My favorite classical photographer is Ansel Adams. He was one of the first nature photographers, and made the country aware of the beauty and majesty of our National Parks. At that time, parks wouldn’t have been preserved because people didn’t have the ability to see them because they were inaccessible to most people.
The elements of his photographs that are so striking are his use of light. He would wait for hours or days for just the right light to hit the landscape. His photographs contain amazing texture and depth. It feels like you could touch the mountains or trees. His photographs bring nature to everyone and are timeless even though they were taken in the early 1900’s.

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