Two Budget Targets

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Category of the case: This case is a decision case because readers are put in the manager’s place and must make a decision based on the issues presented in the case. Are Joe´s actions ethical or unethical? Explain. In my opinion Joe is acting unethically. Our book Management Control System, says that Ethics offers approaches of differentiating between right and wrong; also, it says Workers need to analyze the impact that their actions impact on the stakeholders, such as employees, society, etc. In this way, I can say that a bigger problem that Joe is looking for his own interests instead of the team interests. I think managers require moral knowledge to make worthy ethical judgments. In this way, ethical managers can be a moral example for his/her employers. In this case, Joe is working unethically, so his actions must be an immoral example for the employees. Also, Joe´s unethical acts will be affect the organization’s performance because Joe is not hiring the best prospective employees; he is hiring the most pessimistic people. Additionally, I think that Joe is using utilitarian-type reasoning. Utilitarian-type reasoning means that it is easy to take the welfare of few individuals over the welfare of another group of individuals. In this way, I think Joe is using utilitarian-type reasoning because he is thinking just in his benefit, but he is not thinking of stakeholders’ benefits. Finally, I think Joe is an unscrupulous person, and he is dishonest. His job was to hire the most compatible people for the job, but he hired pessimistic people in order to achieve his proper interests. Another important point is about spreading good ethics within an organization. Companies have rules that clarify what good ethics means. These rules are usually communicated through the policies of corporation, procedures manuals, codes of conduct, or memorandums. Actually, these rules
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