Two Brothers Contrast Essay

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Two Brothers: One Successful, One Murdered. Thesis Statement: One lived, one died. Topic Sentence: Two brothers grew up in Chester, PA in the sixties. Despite growing up in the same household, Brent and Blake Staples had very different upbringings. Brent was a highly educated journalist whereas Blake was most likely a high school dropout who sells drugs. Brent disowned his family after leaving the East Coast after college, and Blake moved to Roanoke, VA in 83’. Blake was murdered at twenty-two years old by a twenty-four year old friend. Brent had recurring bad dreams after the death of Blake. Brent has seen a lot of death; in addition Blake has most likely been the cause of a few. Thesis Statement: Even though the Staple brothers loved and respected each other, the journalist brother Brent couldn’t rescue his gang member brother Blake from his tragic life experience and murder in the hood of Chester, PA. Thesis Statement: Topic Sentence: Even though Brent was a decade ahead of Blake they were both subject to a single family home, and were ensconced in each of their lifestyles. The Journalist Brother 1. Legally successful 1. Overeducated journalist who taught college classes. 2. Ensconced on a quiet, tree-lined street in Chicago. 2. Has seen a lot of death 1. Was first introduced to mortality at fourteen with the death Johnny, who was a brash lover of cars. 2. With the death of younger brother Blake bad dreams keep recurring. 3. Disowned family after school 1. Felt emotionally beaten up from the old world of deaths, imprisonings and misfortune. 2. Added a psychological dimension to the physical distance already achieved to protect himself. The Gang Member Brother In contrast, Blake 1. Illegally successful 1. Made a living dealing drugs and evading police. 2. Stories of his forays into crime, his scrapes

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