Two Brothers & A Bride Movie Review

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January 3, 2009 Viewer Response Essay Two Brothers & A Bride is a movie about two brothers searching for a housekeeping wife after their mother passes away.Jake and Josh are two farm raised brothers that live with their mother on a midwestern American farm. When their mother passes away Jake and Josh are left alone with no knowledge of how to maintain a household. They are left with no choice but to search for a wife, they decide to travel to Russia and bring home a traditional minded wife to take care of them and their home. Jake and Josh tour St. Petersberg Russia for fourteen days in hopes that they will find the perfect farm wife to take back to America. The main point of this film is quite clear, the two main characters set out on a journey for something but end up changing themselves in the process. After watching this movie, I believe the overall argument of this film is that if a person is taken out of his or her everyday environment and exposed to something bigger he or she can change. The two main characters travel to Russia only for a person to clean up for them, but when their trip is over they realize that having a wife to love as a person and not a maid is much more important. I think there are a few arguments the film makers were trying to get across in this movie that were evident in some scenes. First, The men in this movie are seen as very shallow or low down because most of them only want a russian bride because she will be obedient and good looking. In the beginning of the movie jake is seen as a little shallow because he only wants a wife to clean and cook for him, almost like a slave

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