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Introduction By now, most businesses should have hopefully caught on to the ever expanding trend of using social media, or more specifically Twitter, for one or multiple purposes related to their business. Some prefer to simply market selling products or services, some like to provide blogs or journal writings about their company, some take the route of providing customer service, and some even combine all three. Dell takes their use of twitter to an amazing level, and sets the bar on standards every company should strive for. Some companies dream of having thousands of followers to be able to directly connect with, well, Dell can brag about their millions of followers. This is largely due to their extremely efficient use of customer service on Twitter. Dell is able to do this by connecting with as many people as possible, customers or not, addressing any concerns that the people have, and have a real and meaningful conversation with them. From a business standpoint, all of this may seem great, but a skeptic financial analysts will question, is it even worth it? Dell if you think over $3 million in revenues directly related to Twitter since 2007 is worth it, then that skeptical analyst may hush up. + = Figure 1 Targeting Customers with Particular Accounts While it should be noted, that Dell’s main company Twitter page has only an approximate 450,000 followers, they have multiple ‘off’ accounts that serve a directed purpose. For example, @DellOutlet, has over 1.4 million followers (Figure 2), and is more geared towards providing people amazing deals and discounts on their latest products, as well as where and how to buy them. When they are not too busy posting what seems like endless deals, often twice every day, they spend the rest of the time throughout the day answering any type of customers concerns or questions, regardless of how

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