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Twitter is an online blogging tool that allows people all over the world to upload information about themselves. Founded by Evan Williams, you can create status updates letting people know how you feel and what you are doing at all times. You can also choose to follow certain people and see what they have to say as well. Twitter is not just used through the computer; people can also use it through their cell phones or ipads as an application. There are a couple different factors that play into the general environment when it comes to twitter. These factors to me are political, social, and economic. President Obama is one of the many politicians who uses twitter to get his message out around the world. He addresses the public about his new campaigns, ideas and even some personal information. President Obama also has link on twitter called “AskObama”, where anyone can post questions regarding his presidency and his staff can choose to respond back to the questions. Another example which was used in the twitter case was how in 2008 twitter was cited for talking about the attacks on Mumbai India. People used twitter to protest and express how they felt to anyone involved. Being the social network that twitter is, it is also very different from facebook and instagram. Twitter attracts a wide range of people which many of them are celebrities. Just like the politicians, twitter is a great way for celebrities to get their messages out there and not be penalized for what they say or believe. Companies also promote their products via twitter. Some examples are Starbucks, Best Buy and Virgin America. They used what are called “promoted tweets” in order to get their business out there. I would say twitters main social group would be anywhere from teens to adults. In 2009, investors put 155 million dollars into twitter. Twitter wanted to make sure they had enough funds in

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