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Entrepreneurs at Twitter For Professor Theron October 2010 Midterms Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 2. Question 1 - Twitter just a bright idea or a real business opportunity? To what extent does Twitter’s situation in 2010 reflect the past record of its founders? 3. Question 2 - What has been Twitter’s marketing approach to date? What should its marketing approach look like in the future? 4. Question 3 - Twitter ever earn profits? If so, how can it capitalize on its popularity, and how should it put those plans into action? 5. Bibliography Executive Summary Twitter is the ideal social networking site. It focuses on getting exposure and traffic with minimal effort. Facebook/Myspace for example are more for the younger generation who are looking for their own cool space online where they can share their photos, chat with friends and spend their free time. Twitter can however do all these things but for someone who wants to mainly focus on marketing or getting traffic it can do this better than any other network out there. In April 2010, Twitter rolled out a plan for making money from advertising, finally answering the question of how the company expects to turn its exponential growth into revenue. The advertising program, which Twitter calls Promoted Tweets, will show up when Twitter users search for keywords that the advertisers have bought to link to their ads. Later, In its short history, Twitter has become an important marketing tool for celebrities, politicians and businesses, promising a level of performance never before experienced using this type of media. Interactive media is a future trend in advertising that many companies will have to be mindful of when entering an advertising campaign. Interactive media is a form of collaborative media that allows for active participation by the person that is the recipient.

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