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Words can have a large effect on many things, they can affect what people do, they can change how people feel, words are extremely powerful . The book that I decided to read for my ISU is called “The Book Thief” it was written by Markus Zusak. Here is some background knowledge on the book Thief, the book thief took place before and during WWII. The main character throughout the story is a little girl named Liesel, she is an orphan and an only child as her younger brother dies at the beginning of the book. Later on in the book a jewish man named max shows up at their doorstep looking for somewhere to stay because he was told that he would be able to get help here. Throughout the story Liesel and Max are going through extremely hard times and something that helps them to get through it is books and writing. The Book Thief contained many themes but the one I believed to be the most suitable for this book was The Power of words. The theme the power of words was evident throughout the entire book in many ways. With each example showing how words can affect so much in so many different ways. I created a comic with different scenes from the book that showcase the theme in different ways and how words can have so many different effects. One of the first scenes in the novel is Liesel is at her brother's funeral, her brother just died a few days earlier when they were both on their way to their new foster parents. As Liesel is leaving the funeral she finds a book on the ground with the title “The Gravedigger’s Handbook” she has never stolen anything in her life but she can’t help but keep it, even though she still does not know how to read. Even though she can’t read these words mean a lot to her, for her this is one of the last things she has to remember her brother and mother by. In the next scene you can see that Hans Huberman who is Liesels foster father is

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