Twins Raeanne And Kaeleigh Character Analysis

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Twins Raeanne and Kaeleigh of Identical escape the sexual abuse of their father and the cold ignorance of their mother through completely different outlets. Raeanne escapes through drugs and sex, all the while craving a perverse affection from her own father; “Kaeleigh closes herself off from Daddy. And I think she’s completely insane. I crave his affection. No one, no one normal, that is, will understand” (19). Kaeleigh flees by spending most of her time at a Lutheran nursing home with an elderly lady, escaping through Greta’s stories; “[My friends] think old people are lame. But they’re not. They’re awesome…they’ve lived entire lifetimes. Loved. Laughed. Surrendered. Stumbled. Weathered, beaten, still they don’t crumble, not even as they…show more content…
In reality, Raeanne died in a terrible car accident. The trauma of the event caused Kaeleigh’s mind to split, forming another personality, that of her dead sister, Raeanne, who often takes over in times where Kaeleigh would otherwise falter. This eerie, creepy alternative personality takes over Kaeleigh’s life for some period of time, influencing her decisions and making her do things that she naturally wouldn’t contemplate; “I have no real right to play stand-in for Kaeleigh, but she wouldn’t have the nerve to do what needs to be done anyway. Sorry, twin o’ mine, but it’s true” (171). This puppet-master behavior slowly begins to deteriorate Kaeleigh’s life and reputation, causing confusion and torn relationships; “Frigid. His term or Ian’s (her boyfriend)? It’s going to bug me all day. I always thought Ian was on my side, that he understood, if not everything, that I am only lukewarm because I’m damaged. Frigid? Maybe I am. But why should it even be a topic of conversation with Shaun? Did Ian call me that? And did he really say I’m into other guys?” (227). On the verge of losing everything she has, Kaeleigh is brought to medical attention just in time and is sent to a hospital for evaluation, where she is diagnosed with D.I.D., Dissociative Identity…show more content…
Raeanne is not afraid to get what she wants. Kaeleigh, on the other hand, is often reserved and secretly impulsive, often binging on food or pills or indulging in cutting; “My normal M.O. after Ian leaves me alone is to run to the refrigerator, empty most of it onto a plate and smother every feeling I have. Like an automaton, I go into the kitchen, open the fridge, peek inside…then there’s no pain, no loneliness. Every demon is fast asleep” (285), “I wait for the bell to ring, picking at a scab or two…It’s like milking venom from my veins. Wonder how long it would take to bleed out completely” (402), “It’s frightening how much I just want to drown in this undertow of booze and pills. I drank a lot tonight, ingested an incomprehensible amount of painkillers” (481). Through the actions of Raeanne and Kaeleigh’s own behavior, Hopkins is able to create and build upon Kaeleigh’s

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